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Holidays and tours to China, Vietnam, India, Cambodia, Laos and other Asian destinations.

Exotic Destinations - The Travman Way

Welcome to Travman, your one stop for all your tour and travel needs to China, Vietnam, India, Taiwan, Laos and more. Ever since 1976 we worked hard to bring you the best possible services and with this in mind, we are happy to have you here and we would like to invite you to learn more about what we can offer.

Most of our valued customers chose China tours in the past but do not think for a second that the other options are not of a similar quality.

While there are various tours and travel destinations that we cover, some that you will surely find as being intriguing include:

China Tours

Travman is the first travel agency in Australia that was allowed to arrange China holidays due to our partnership with the largest tour operator in the country, the CITS Group. At the moment we arrange group tours, day tours, private tours, city-breaks and holidays that are designed according to the wishes of the tourist. We constantly expand and recommend that you read more about what China has to offer here.

Vietnam Tours

Vietnam holidays are usually not considered but that is surely a shame since the country preserves much of its natural beauty. Book a tailor made tour, a private tour or a group tour to catch a glimpse of a culture that is overlooked by so many people from around the world.

Almost all Australians that visited are stunned by the various highlights, culinary delights and panorama that they got to experience. We constantly add new Vietnam tours so make sure that you keep looking to see all the information presented on our site. We offer much more than tour presentations, as you will surely notice.

India Tours

India is a country that is so misunderstood until you actually get there due to various misconceptions that people have. Travman arranges many enticing and affordable tours, including group, private, city breaks and tailor made holidays.

The various partnerships that we have allow us to create a perfect vacation to India for your entire family, you can go on a cruise or enjoy a deluxe holiday. Tours to India start in almost all days of the week but we recommend that you contact us ahead of departure date so that we can offer that tailor-made experience that you deserve.

Cambodia Tours

We are very happy to offer a unique experience for interested Australians looking for something that is totally different. We recommend that you stay focused on private tours since they give you a glimpse of something that you will not find anywhere else. If you want more, the tailor-made tours are even better.

Why Travman?

Our reputation is as high as it could be and we do not do anything that could tarnish it. Along the years we managed to reach our main goal:

Offering Excellence For Affordable Prices

We do not believe that simply because we are the best tour operator in Australia to offer trip packages to the locations covered we should charge a lot of money. In fact, we strongly disagree with the practice of overcharging, one that is unfortunately so common in the travel industry. No matter what happens, our main focus is offering the most at the lowest possible price tag.

Besides this, we only include travel destinations after researching all the available options and we give you one thing that you will surely love:

Guaranteed Departures
This basically means that you will go on the tour that you want, no matter how many spots are booked out of those that are possible.

You should take a look at the complete list of reasons why you should consider Travman for tours to India, tours to China, Vietnam and all the other destinations since there are so many others that you would appreciate.

Contact Us Now!

We recommend that you take a close look at everything that is listed on our site. If there is something that you like or you love something that you find here, CONTACT US immediately as booking in advance helps us out a lot in offering exactly what you need.
We guarantee holidays that will bring you unforgettable memories. Our 1800 number puts you direct contact with a travel specialist. Till we hear from you, take a look at our Travel Guide from the menu above.


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Top 10 Tours

1. Imperial China & Yangtze
14 days air and land only from $3,828 pp
2. Magic China
14 days air and land only from $3,636 pp
3. Splendours of China
14 days air and land only from $3,479 pp
4. Essence of China
11 days air and land only from $2,473 pp
5. Vietnam Exploration
16 days air and land only from $3,175 pp
6. Highlights of Vietnam
12 days air and land only from $3,020 pp
7. Jewels of Rajasthan
10 days land only from $845 pp
8. Hidden Cambodia
11 days land only from $1,965 pp
9. The Golden Land
10 days Burma cruise from $4,218 pp

  Latest Offers

1. The Wall, Warriors & Panda
10 days land only from $1,835 pp
2. Wonders of China Family Tour
11 days land only from $2,310 pp
3. Tibet & Beyond
14 days air and land only from $4,581 pp
4. Silkroad by China Orient Express
12 days air and land only from $4,535 pp
5. Panda & Nine Village Valley
8 days land only from $1,998 pp
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